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January 13th, 2016

AnTuTu Tester APK

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AnTutu Tester is a hardware test of android.

— Battery Test: Let the phone run for several hours, through the consumption of battery power to calculate your score.



Dragon Story, the #1 FREE dragon game returns with a special Springtime Edition! Download and play now to welcome the bright, sunny Spring season and hatch new Dragons, complete with their own habitat! Hatch, raise, and breed dragons of all colors on magical islands! Raise your dragons from babies to epic adults and breed them to discover rare rare dragons!

– NEW CHERRY BLOSSOM DRAGON! The perfect decoration for your Dragon Isle!

Become the best Dragon Caretaker – you could be the first to discover the ultra rare Diamond Dragon!

– COLLECT strong, mysterious, and fun dragons. Each dragon moves with a lively, and sometimes quirky, personality!- EVOLVE your dragons through 4 stages


Swipe Calculator is a gesture based basic calculator app for Android phones and tablets. Our free calculator app offers operations by swipes to the right, left, up and down! This calculator apps elegant way to perform operations grants faster inputs and a great user experience based on simple gestures. Math hasn't been more intuitive!

★ Swipe right on the number field: Addition
★ Swipe left on the number field: Subtraction
★ Swipe up on the number field: Multiplication
★ Swipe


This bleeding edge of mine will never be

January 12th, 2016


Android Apps

HTC Clock offers better time management functionalities including World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer.

World Clock: Time of current location as well as time of other cities.
Alarm: Supports multiple alarm times and sound customization.


★★2nd place for the 2011 Best App Ever Awards – RPG Game
★Selected as Google Play’s Featured Game of August 2011!!

Protect your loved ones in Carnia by joining the adventure!
What would it take to change a warrior's destiny?
The Big Adventure RPG! Inotia3: Children of Carnia!

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items.

★★★ This game supports English, français, Deutsch, 한글, 中文 and 日本語. ★★★

An inevitable fate lies before the children of Carnia. The greatest epic adventure RPG by far! The Chronicles of Inotia 3! The new legend is about to begin in the continent of Inotia.

"With the coming of age ritual